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Online image merger

You can protect your images online by adding your logo or signature picture on them. You can then use these combined pictures on your web sites, blogs or the e-mails you send. This will help you to use your pictures for advertising your site, and protecting your graphic work. Keep in mind that any interesting pictures reaches to thousands of people by the e-mailing chains and groups, which would even create a worldwide reputation for your site. Or, you can use these merged images on your web site for a more professional look. You don't need to buy expensive graphic software, nor spend hours of work. Just choose where to place the watermark image by drag and drop it on the background image !
It's easy and it's free !

Resize your images to any size and any format !

Choose background image to upload (gif, jpeg or png)
Choose logo image to upload (gif, jpeg or png)
Choose where to place the logo image on the background image
  Drag and drop image after upload
  Place by the selected corner below
the merging can take some time depending on the images size
...combined 661.984 images together so far...

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